Applicants Minimum Requirements


Total monthly income must be at least (3) three times the monthly rent. Alternate sources of verifiable income will be accepted. (I.e. retirement, social security.)

Job History

All applicants must have been on the job a minimum of (6) six months. Exceptions: graduates that are newly employed in the field they trained for, additional deposit may apply.

Rent History

Applicant must have at least (6) six months of verifiable rental history receiving minimal community rule violations. No outstanding accounts with current or prior apartment communities or rental housing. Applicants with no rental history will be considered with a co-signer.

Credit Check

Credit is checked for delinquent rental history, credit claims, payments history and utility company delinquencies. As well as an Income to Debt ratio.

Criminal History

A criminal background check will be ran. Criminal activity involving theft, criminal mischief, drugs, assault, injury to persons, property, and or sexual related crimes will be denied.


No more than (2) two residents or (1) one Family.


Main Floor Units $825
Other Units $725

Application Fee

Full Deposit required with each Application. A $75.00 fee will be accessed for each application that is not accepted


The Approval Process

In order to deliver quality living for all of our residents, Brentwood Manor evaluates each and every application for one of our apartment homes.

Once you have completed an application for residency and paid any required fees and deposits, our leasing team will forward your application to our resident screening administrators. Again, our focus in this process is to make sure that all of our residents are good neighbors.

Delays in the approval process most often occur when contacts to verify rental and employment history are difficult to reach. Please be sure all information provided on the application is complete and current. Providing us with all information needed will help to expedite the process. If we have repeated problems reaching one of your references, we may contact you for assistance.

Once a decision has been reached, you will be contacted to confirm your move-in date and coordinate a hassle free transition to your new home.